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What Is Reiki?

  • A REIKI treatment consists of the practitioner placing his or her hands on the client’s body with the intention to act as a Channeler for the flow of REIKI energy.  This process is quite simple neither, complicated or ritualistic. The client remains fully clothed. 

  • The energy is quite smart and as a result can easily recognize those parts of the body that need the energy the most; and focus there.

  • The REIKI Practitioner’s role is not to direct energy, but instead, acts only as a Channeler or Conduit for the REIKI energy flow to the client.

  • Most people are familiar with the word “Chi” used in acupuncture and the martial arts. “Ki” is the Japanese equivalent of “Chi.” Blockages of our “Ki” can have a negative effect in many ways.

  • The treatment involves a Series of defined hand positions. These positions are adequately spaced throughout the client’s entire body. By addressing all parts of the body proportionally,  the client receives the maximum treatment and benefits.

  • The energy usually goes where it is most needed, however mostly stays closer to where the practitioner’s hands are being placed. There are also several Optional hand positions that can be utilized as needed.

  • All hand positions are used for the Front of the body which covers from Head to the Soles of the feet. A matching set of hand positions are also used on the Back of the client’s body.

  • Each set of hand positions, represent specific internal organs and symptoms in the body, which become very relevant when treating a specific problem.


  • REIKI is Not a Ritual and requires  NO BELIEF SYSTEM