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Reiki Session

Preparation prior to Reiki Session

  • All jewelry such as: rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, watches, and any other items that might obstruct or restrict the proper flow of energy are removed.

  • Practitioner cleanses hands to promote pleasant feelings and encourage a deeper relaxed state, this is also beneficial to the Aura that surrounds the body. Washing hands can also help to remove influences that could possibly affect a sensitive client, thereby, causing an adverse effect.

  • Environment is smudged using a pleasant and subdued forms of incense such a Sage.

  • Soothing and relaxed music such as; New Age is applied to encourage a state of calm.

Actual Reiki Session w. Practitioner

  • The client is asked to lie on his/her back on a Massage or Reiki table with hands by their side while fully clothed (if wearing a jacket would ask to remove)

  • The client is encouraged to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply to induce an initial state of calm.

  • The body is first scanned for Zings (breaks in the energy field)

  • The Open Spiral technique is now applied

  • The Practitioner draws appropriate Reiki symbols above the client's body and begins the session.

  • Reiki healing is applied to each area of the body, using corresponding hand positions that covers each area of the client's body (front, back, hand and feet).

  • At the end of the session the Closing Spiral is performed, to close the client’s energy fields

  • Finally, the energy is smooth starting from crown to feet Chakras.

  • The session has now ended and the client is allowed to lay still for a few minutes.

  • Both Practitioner and client discuss feedbacks.

Post Reiki Session
  • After a Reiki session most people will leave the session feeling rejuvenated, however, sometimes one might experience tiredness. This should not be viewed as an adverse reaction, but instead, as a detoxification and healing response. In the majority of cases people usually report a feeling of calm and a rather peaceful sleep. Both Practitioner and client discuss feedbacks.

Recommended Number of Treatments
  • Three to four Reiki sessions is the traditional recommendation, based on individual circumstances.

  • Having a few treatments done will give you the time to assess the truer benefits of your healing