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Benefits of Reiki


button Reiki Energy is highly effective in treating emotional and psychology stress, chronic pain, illnesses brought on by stress or anxiety, fears, phobias, recovery from surgery alcohol/drug abuse.

button Reiki eliminates blockages and balance the energy system resulting in a healthier and more grounded person. 

button Reiki supports the body’s own ability to heal internally by the use of gentle, light touch and breathing  

button Reiki energy works the on the Physical and Etheric levels. 

button Reiki goes to those parts of the body that needs it most so as to provide balance to the client’s energy system. Take for example a blocked pipe; until the block is cleared the water is unable to flow normally.  

button When one’s Life Force Energy is blocked one's experiences a feeling of retardation, vulnerability, depression, weakness, laziness, nervousness, spiritual and emotional discomfort.   

button Reiki works to decrease and eliminate blockages from the energy system which then allows a free flow of the “Ki” or “Chi” Energy.  

button Reiki appears to work well as an adjunct treatment with medicine, but is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatments. Sometimes a recommended series of sessions are more effective and beneficial in the treatment of specific problems.