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Dorothy is an Intuitive Reiki Master with a healing practice in New York City since the mid 90's. Her ability as an emphatic medium allows her to sense the emotional and physical issues of her clients, without prior knowledge. Sometimes during her healing sessions, she is able to channel information relevant to her client. In each Reiki session, her hands determine the length of time that is dedicated to each hand positioning.

Dorothy, genuinely cares about her client’s needs and is always focused on addressing those issues. She follows up with each client’s progress, the day after a Reiki session, to ensure all is well. Her warmth, concern and compassion for others, transcends her healing sessions in a truly profound way.


What Is Reiki

   Reiki is the Japanese word for; “Universal Life Force Energy”. Rei means “Universal” and Ki is “Life force energy.” It is known for its effectiveness and induced state of deep relaxation through physical touch, without body manipulation. The healer acts as a semi-conductor, channeling the energy from the source to the client.

Reiki Benefits

   Harmonizes and revitalizes body cells and processes.
   Helps to heighten one's consciousness and restore health & vitality.
   Balances and heals the physical & etheric bodies.
   Works in harmony with any and all kinds of treatment.
Highly beneficial to people, animals and plants.

   Reiki Energy requires No Belief System


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Dorothy @ 212- 946-1077